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DJ Sezar embarked on his DJ career at the tender age of 15, initially exploring genres like hip-hop and R'n'B before delving into diverse styles such as Trance, Jazz, and Latin house. By 2003, he had also incorporated Salsa and other Latin music into his repertoire.

In 2005, DJ Sezar secured his first international booking, marking the beginning of a swift rise in his global reputation. Known for his adaptability, he skillfully caters to the crowd, delivering spontaneous and diverse music sets that resonate with dancers on the floor.

With his enjoyable and varied sets, DJ Sezar ensures that the audience remains on their feet, dancing throughout the night.


“I choose music with my eyes and my heart connected to the dance floor. 
I play to move the floor as much as possible.
I don't play for myself or individuals.... It's all about the party and its people!!

Also importantly, I play for the present and the past musicians’... (Bless them all)”



Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to immerse myself in the world of music. My journey with dancing began at the age of 14, starting with Hip Hop and some Break-dance moves. As I moved in harmony with the music, a profound passion for various genres started to blossom within me. This passion grew stronger over time, leading me to play at small parties in my neighborhood.

After a hiatus of 4-5 years from DJing, I found myself drawn back in during the late 90s when Trance House gained popularity in Oslo. Adapting to these new tunes ignited a renewed passion, progressing from aggressive beats to Latin house. Despite another brief break, I initially considered this part of my DJ life something to put away and leave behind.

In 2001, I delved into learning the basic steps of Salsa, becoming enamored with this partner dance. My addiction led me to appreciate, purchase, and collect the captivating music associated with it. By 2004, I began playing at clubs and socials in Oslo, landing my first international gig in Gothenburg in 2005. The following year, I ventured outside Scandinavia for the first time, performing at the Warsaw Salsa Festival in 2009.

The subsequent years saw an exponential increase in my international engagements, with a notable presence at various festivals and events. The numbers of flights and performances kept growing, and by 2013, I had stopped counting. Despite the challenges and experiences, both good and bad, it has been a labor of love, and I am prepared for many more years ahead. Whether in the Mambo, Cuban, Bachata, or after-party room, my goal is always to be flexible and responsive.

I feel truly blessed to continue working with music, bringing joy and dance to people. I consistently strive to improve and collaborate with both music and dancers. Regardless of where I am playing, my commitment remains unwavering. This journey has been shaped by years of dedication, diverse experiences, and hard work, yet it is far from over. I am ready for the years to come, always attentive to people's hearts from the DJ booth.

In conclusion, my love for music and dancing is unwavering, and I will never cease to appreciate the talented musicians who make it all possible.

Thank you.

DJ Sezar.

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