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DJ Sezar started to spin vinyls at the early age of 16. He began with hip-hop and R'n'B and then trance, jazz house and latin house and finally, with salsa, around 2003.

Since 2009 his reputation has been rapidly increasing internationally.

He is flexible and works with the floor and will give the dancers various improvised sets of music.

His enjoyable, varied sets will keep you dancing all night long.


“I play music with my mind and heart connected to the dance floor. 
I play together with other DJ's to move the floor as much as possible. It's all about the party!!!
I don't play for myself or individuals....

And also importantly, I play for the present and the past musicians’... (Bless them all)”




I have been blessed in my life long time ago to work with music. Dancing has been a part of my youth since I was 14. Back then with Hip Hop and some Break-dance moves... naturally giving me the feeling with the music I started early developing a strong passion for different genres.... stronger and stronger it became and I started playing in some small parties close around my neighbourhood.


One day all of a sudden it just stopped.... for few years I had a break and then late 90's when House kicked in a big popularity in Oslo, I adapted these new tunes and again found myself passionate of DJ'ing to these aggressive beats.... then further to Latin house tunes.... then another few years break occured.... I was thinking then this part of my life I can just put back and move on.....


But then around 2001 I started learning some basic steps of Salsa... finding myself thrilled and mesmerized of this partner dance. I became addicted and later to enjoy, buy and collect this new amazing music started shortly after. Between 2002-2003..... 2004 started playing around Oslo, and my first international job in Gothenburg in 2005. Not until 2009 further south to my first Warsaw Salsa Festival... 2010; 4 festivals, 2011; 9 festivals and in 2012 I had 21 flights out of Oslo, playing in festivals or just weekend events....... after that I just stopped counting....


I'm forever blessed and I keep working with the music.... trying my best to improve and work with the people.... regardless I'm playing in mambo, cuban, sensual or after parties I will do my best for the dancers.... my goal is to always be flexible and it has been taking years of experiences and hard work, but it is not done..... I'm ready for more years to come and I will always see you and listen to your heart from the DJ boot....

Love music, love dancing and long live the musicians. Thank you.


DJ Sezar.